What is the meaning of life?

Dreaming all day- everyday about everything leads to some questionable but equally intriguing philosophies – I wonder what you think…

You may find me laying down in a park watching the clouds drift by or I may be hidden away sat on a toilet somewhere (hopefully not too strange a place!) and I’ll be pondering something. Often the biggest of all, life.

I have never studied philosophy, nor do I claim to be a guru on life, but I do try to take all points on board and think rationally, so I think my thoughts have some potential at being valid in this great wise world.

I remember always questioning, ‘why are we here?’ Not in a physical or biological sense, I think the scientists have got that covered, evolved from some ocean dwelling cells makes sense to me…


But there is always going to be the Q that what if we were put here? An experiment of an alien race, like the movie Prometheus!? Or by a god in the sense that we understand via the bible or the koran?


Anything is possible so I don’t see why those can’t be valid reasons as to why we’re here.


But as far as answering the big Q of what is our purpose being here…


...To grow, that is the meaning of life!

It is like asking ‘Why do flowers bloom’ or ‘Apples come in to being’ ? Understanding the how wasn’t too difficult for someone to find out and for us to understand, but WHY as if there is a bigger purpose, like, ‘Apples exist because if they didn’t then the Sun would explode‘ seems a bit too refined an answer for such a complex and chaotic universe.

 Just like apples, people exist, simply because we just do. Sounds boring right? Well then, the whole purpose of our existence is to grow! Makes sense to me, from a combination of cells into a foetus and into a baby, toddler, child, young adult, man, old man…

The growth is what I’m here to do, the journey is part of that growth, THAT is where the fun happens, within the growth is where the magic is, those moments.


That’s what this is here for, to try and capture the magic of my growth and the journey of that growth!


Thank you for reading!


Tell me – What is the meaning of life for you?


Arron Sans

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