There is plastic in our blood!

Dove of Peace

I’m burnt out!


I am struggling because I can only too well comprehend just how much the recent invasion of Ukraine hurts Polina, her family and of course our close friend, a witness at our wedding, and her family, friends from both sides of the border. All around them there is bloodshed by blood shared and it’s heartbreaking.

The love is strong

With people close to me asking questions like, ‘what are Polina and the Russian people doing to help bring down Putin?’ I feel pretty flabbergasted. Did you know, there has already been more people arrested for protesting in Russia than there were people even protesting when the UK invaded Iraq-so I keep responding to these questions with, ‘I don’t know-what are we doing about?’.


All the news and the media is overwhelming and I must admit, I think we need to take a moment to appreciate that this constant barrage of fear is relatable to the exhaustion POC must feel with all the discrimination they face throughout their lives! It is heartbreaking to see they’re even given second citizen treatment when evacuations are happening.


This is clear evidence that equality isn’t anywhere near close to being achieved. So I’m not surprised that this war has escalated to the realm of WW3 and yet the conflicts the west instigated or participated in either by fueling them with weapons or years of ‘aggressive-democracy’, those don’t really count!?

pick one they're all at war

The idea that ‘the world has been constantly at war forever and its only recently that we’ve been lucky enough to have so much ‘peace for so long’ is a joke! The world is constantly at war, it’s just not ‘bothered us’ in our daily lives till now. There have always been and still are sub-wars happening.

I even go so far as to say a cold war type hostile take-over of our own personal worlds has been creeping up on us every day and we didn’t even realise because we were only witnessing the very small steps of its insurgence, but now we’re half way up a mountain and nauseous looking up or down!

I feel that this is a tipping point…

I feel that is a tipping point for this current civilisation, perhaps we’ve already surpassed it. Or maybe, maybe that’s yet another rouse in the quagmire of fears we keep being fed by the powers that be and it’s just one that appeals to my morbid curiosity. “I’ve found my tribe!!”


But this is what I’m talking about… And you can call me a crack-pot-nut-job if you want, hell I’d forgive you if you unfollowed me for this-but… When I think of all of those fears we’ve faced and the speed in which the narrative switches between them it just seems to me that these are games ‘the powers that be’ are playing!


A glimpse at the rollercoaster of the last few decades makes me believe we are being groomed for something.


Ultimately the game they are playing is hangman and we can only guess as to what the answer is, unfortunately I fear it spells catastrophe.


…Or is it peace?

Dove of Peace

Now I’ve always seen myself as a healthy realist, living on that fine line between pessimism and optimism, but I do understand what it is to be a straight white man, a drone, (clearly, as I drone on and on!)

I’m part of the problem!

Trying so very hard to be part of the solution, 

an oxymoron 

or just moron for short.

Or shorter still…



“When the rich wage war, it is the poor who die”
-Jean-Paul Sartre

From financial crises to climate crisis, pandemics to the human Holocene, our culture wars to actual war, all because there seems to be no accountability for people past a certain level of power. Or maybe it’s because they don’t have a fucking clue! Do we?


Have you seen that movie, The Matrix?


“Ignorance is bliss!”


Do we really live in the free world? (People are starving!) 

Do we really have a choice? (Vaccine passports!)


Another great quote to use from that movie,


“Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet.”



Our rate of consumption of all things is clearly vouching for that!

Pick one it is your choice but you must pick one of these two

We’ve created and consumed so much that even now they’ve found micro-plastics in our own blood! Yes, that’s right, the thing we should cherish most, but we’re ignorant to it, because we never see it and when we do it’s either for entertainment or it’s too late for us.


Shit me – some people even have to sell theirs so they can eat something! That’s the world we live in!


How do we change these things? Can we?!


To me, the interwoven nature of politics and the powerful is obviously so corrupt no matter what country you live in. It’s no wonder every side gets fed a different version of the truth, one that supports the current regime of its narrator.


That is what needs to change!


Conveniently those are ‘the people’ who hold the purse strings for the entire world.


The reality to those in first world countries and what this war really means for us is less money and support for the systems in our societies that truly need it and more money into the pockets of those are already way ahead of curve in personal wealth. Is that just mindless greed? Or would you call that psychopathic?


Your money, and it is your money-since you pay your taxes and that’s the pool of money they choose to dip their grubby little hands into, will be spent on defence and weapons rather than healthcare or social services. Not to mention that focus is back on the need for fossil fuel rather than convincing us all to fight for greener energy!


I’m scared that this latest abhorrent act from ‘them’ against ‘us’, to attack Ukraine only reinforces the boxes we’ve already been data entry-d into and we are being slowly weather down like smooth pebbles on a shore. Unable to ever make a dent in the true iron curtain that’s really been built to ‘keep us safe’. All because we just clicked ‘accept’ and didn’t bother to read the small print!

plastic paradise

Ever heard of the great reset?

“You will have nothing and you will be happy!”

Maybe that what we all want deep down? For someone else to just take care of us!

Remember that Simpsons episode, “can’t someone else do it!?”

Somehow it feels like Homer is running our world. But I guess it’s a mish-mash of Side-show Bob, Mr. Burns and Krusty the Clown!


Well, maybe I’m Krusty! 🙂



Who's the clown

I’m here to talk, so if any of this concerns you at a deep level too, or you feel you’d like to have an open discussion with me, please do get it touch!


…The world is a beautiful place, but it is filled with as much beauty as it is chaos!

That yin to the yang only makes the yang a bit yangier! But they’d be lost without each other. We make the world a beautiful place-even with the chaos that’s within us!

I can still laugh and joke and be light hearted, but right now I want to shout and scream about all the injustice in the world-but then it’s too much for my enthusiastic-but tiny brain that truly understands nothing coz the whole picture is mind bogglingly complex!

So I too find myself slipping into the narrative of the trending themes and I hate myself for it.

Are we fighting or falling for this

I’m feeling a lot of shame and guilt about wanting to promote myself and work on marketing the album but it’s extremely hard when all I can think about is the state of the world. This weight weighs heavy. Social media has become a bit of a joke in my mind, I keep referring to it as ‘So Me!’ and that bitterness is infectious, so I take some time out to regroup and realign myself with my own authenticity, and then POW… There’s a slap at the oscars and suddenly THAT is the headline, the trend, the hot topic of the hour.


There are innocent people being murdered all around the world by ‘fascistic’ regimes, run by people who claim to be ‘for the people’!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a democratic or an autocratic society. They are all corrupted on so many levels and no one who should be held accountable actually is! That’s why international law can’t even stop Putin and why he won’t be considered a war criminal.

Rewriting the narrative

The world needs reform! 

Not some shifting of power, that only replaces the current rot with fresh rot. I’m talking about a real reform. Where we all work together to visualise and actualise a healthier planet for all. Yeah, I’m a daydreaming hippie type, if you didn’t realise that from my songs or from how much I bang on about my love for Belenchuk then you’ve had your eyes closed this whole time! 🌚🌝

I guess what I’m saying is, WE have to change, we have to stand up and be accountable for the world we live in, we have to take charge and not at the expense of others. It’s not going to be easy – anything worth having never came for free!

But we have to care! 

God doesn’t care, we have to! Believe in that or not, as a parent, they would have grounded us by now for sure! If they’re a bad parent and ignorant to our child like needs then they might as well not exist!

The universe doesn’t care, we have to! We should be so lucky for aliens to invade or to have to work together to defuse the threat of an imminent asteroid!

The planet doesn’t care, we have to! If we want to keep living here! So if volcanoes, tidal waves or tectonic plates don’t open up and swallow us, then the plastic in our blood is sure to get us eventually!

If that’s not some ironic self fulfilling prophecy & poetic justice, then I don’t know what is.



the mother of all uphill climbs


This is my disclaimer, I feel the need to vent and use this platform to express those feelings, while there is of course an element of drama and entertainment in the way I present my ideas. I want you to know that I take it all seriously, I do not condone or intend to be a stirrer of the pot.


Unless justified through defensive measures, I am a pacifist so I stand with Ukraine in this current conflict.

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