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Az on Guitar in studio DEC 2019

Paul Tipler is one of my local Camden heroes, he’s worked with some awesome talent, Paul Weller, Elastica, Julian Cope, Idlewild and even modern day hot ticket, Barnes Courtney…

Paul Tipler - Producer studio

When choosing to work with a producer you need to know his style and sound as well as his character. I love working with Paul because he’s honest and straight forward. In both his recording and his management of your studio time. His mixing is superb, very well known for it and has his name to some very cool records.



My raw and simple style works well with his recording methods. The fact that I have the tools at home to record DIY means it’s easier for him to produce further and accomplish a great mix.



We discussed me coming into the studio and working on tracks to release as singles…

“It’s difficult to start a process when you’re not quite sure what direction you’re going to take, no actual fanbase to showcase to and no platform to jump from. But that’s the beauty of working with Tipler, you get to mould it together, it’s a nurture type of thing, we’re going to keep on putting our skills together and just try to make the next record better than the last.”

Unit 13 is a studio he shares with Indie dance act, ‘Stereolab’, it’s a funky little place in South London. I enjoy travelling there, taking a day off from my day job to go and work with a professional to do what you love is a great day out – even though it’s challenging and can be pretty full on, you get home shattered but satisfied!

Future Plans

There are two singles out, Fearless & Lioness, four records in the bag ready for release. Our plan is for me to keep writing and working on demos to take to him and produce in the studio. I think by next year, 2021 there‘ll be enough for an album. But we’re not rushing that!

At home I work with Apple’s ‘Logic X’ it’s very intuitive and easy to write multiple parts as midi tracks, I program drum ideas and can easily edit to get a structure down. While I’m developing my own knowledge in the art of production, Paul‘s experience, equipment and talent is really lifting my madman ramblings into a great finalised track.


I’m loving the journey so far, really looking forward to sharing more with you and to keep the ideas flowing!


Arron Sans

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