That’s right, when the world gives you lemons – make Lemonade, even if you don’t like lemonade or hate the smell of lemons or their bitter taste, you can always sell the lemons or the lemonade you’ve made to those who do love the zesty yellow fruit!

I’m on a bit of a random one here, but there’s loads going on at the moment, the album launch party and the release both this week, exciting times, but the events both cause an element of stress.

I’ve been doing my best to keep my cool, literally, with cold showers each morning, which is not only good health wise to keep the blood flowing and help any body inflammation, but also to cope with stress. Since each morning there’s a shock to the system and you have to prepare yourself for it, any other stresses throughout the day are simply a breeze to remain calm for.

I have no expectations about the gig or the release, these are incredible events for me, I’m just not putting all that pressure on my shoulders, or Belenchuk’s who I’m sharing the stage with, if you haven’t heard already, she’s going to paint live whilst I play songs off the album.

I put enough pressure on myself to play well and to entertain the crowds at gigs, so there’s no reason for any more squeezing to be done.

The album is a huge milestone, but one of many more to come, there’s still time to grab your very own copy here – PRINT ON DEMAND.

In a world of crypto, meta, uber eats and dopamine release overload, we need to protect ourselves responsibility, time is precious and we certainly can’t rely on the governments to look out for us, so this is my way of taking care of myself… To create! Provide a worth into the world that I’m proud to be a part of.

Wouldn’t say I write about pain, but this album has definitely been therapeutic for me to make, having been so far apart from Belenchuk during the writing of a lot of these songs, having gone through the pain of lockdown which we’ve all experienced and suffered, the desire to be greater than we are, each of these things has played a vital role in putting this album together I’m incredibly proud of where it’s at. This is my lemonade from when life gives you lemons.

There are more albums in the making but I want each one to capture moments in time but they’re about, I wish I could do this out all day every day but right now that’s just not possible, in time it will be easier to do so, I also hope that you will take to it kindly, my first adventure into music as a solo artist, with the ambition to create so much more, things can only get better and that’s really really exciting to me, if Lemon is on your thing and don’t be afraid to share these lemons with other people you think it might be their thing and who knows at some point we might make orange aid, cherry aid, Coca-Cola!


*use of Coca-Cola is not for advertising purposes, do not intentionally breach any copyright laws, it is simply meant as a joke!

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