Hey Arron,

Happy September! Here’s this months wrap…



Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on the releases I put out, your feedback really does help guide me. I am after all, writing music for ‘us’ 🥳

I feel pretty proud of Superstars, it was a heck of a test on myself, just writing and recording it in only one week, I shocked myself! 

Although I did have to stay up and work through the night till 6.30 AM one day to get it where it needed to be… 

I chatted with Paul about the mix and he did point out how the low end dropped out in the chorus, so that’s definitely something I’ve got to keep an ear out for! But overall he did say I’d done pretty well, so that’s a nice positive from my mentor

I know I haven’t even presented you with the PEARLS music video yet, (delays in my editing) so I’m nervous to even mention a music video for Superstars yet…

However, IF you have any thoughts or ideas for a music video idea, theme or vibe, don’t be shy! Feel free to email me back with any ideas and we’ll see if we can make it happen! Otherwise it’ll come after Pearls is sorted


Talking of delays… I have to be totally honest with you, Aug has been a month of struggling with discipline, time management and energy levels… Honestly, Polina took this photo of me the other night where I’d just fallen asleep while we were relaxing 😂

I can’t even blame it on the Sunshine, this summer month has been pretty hit & miss for me here in London, how has yours been?

Working at the ‘day job’ has been pretty manic lately, I have to say, I know how lucky I am to even have a job in times like these, but wow, the shifts have been brain frying!

Plus, Polina and I had to move home again, thankfully we’re in a much nicer place so this will help with the energy and get the creative vibes flowing smoother again!

Now that the holiday period has come to an end and the UK seems to be going back to a state of normalcy, I have plans to dedicate more time to creating the content I want to make for you!


On a really positive note, our new move has enabled us to have extra room in the apartment for our creative selves, so this means there is a dedicated music room now!

Excuse the junk in the photo, this is the current state of the room, I’m hoping that in good time the boxes will be replaced by acoustic foam in order to create a better environment for sound, but until then I’m using the cardboard to try and reflect and absorb, it’s not great and Polina keeps looking at me funny every time she comes in the room!

I do have another session booked in with Mr Tipler in October to work on the final two album tracks. I cannot wait, but it’s a while away, so till then I’m going to get busy and make use of this space to get some more DIY tracks put together.


The next release, 17 SEPT 2021, I am still putting the final touches on this track, but I’m excited to say that it’s a collaboration I began a while ago with a good pal of mine, Jorge.

The track is pretty moody and heavily inspired by the idea of broken relationships, whilst not deliberately political, I can’t help but feel it has a real humanity feel about it, ‘if flowers were people’! I don’t know about you but I’m feeling a bit busted from the recent news surrounding climate issues and the middle east. So I feel like this is also my way of processing these thoughts.

Me and Jorge used to be in a band together and he’s a really cool drummer and creative who has such a great ear for sound and crafting songs. Unfortunately the original recording we had for this track got corrupted so it’s had to be redone and in more of my style. At some point he may be releasing his own version of it too!

I just wanna give him a shout out here and credit for the work we did on the song.
As well as give you the opportunity to support him or find something new in this wild world of music.

So if you’re interested in hearing the kind of music he is making, you can check him out HERE.

I’ll keep you posted about the release again soon, until then, THANK YOU for all of your support and for appreciating what I am doing creatively.

Don’t be a stranger, I’m always here! 


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