What a Summer!


To say I’m grateful doesn’t even cut it!


I’ve been blown away by all the love people are giving to ‘Print On Demand’, thank you so much!


If you haven’t listened and want a copy but still twiddling your thumbs – stop hesitating!


Grab your copy right now!


Stage Time...

I’m really feeling more confident and more excited about playing live each time. I think having the album out means there’s more purpose to playing than just for my enjoyment or ego boost.

I’ve played a few show for the best Promoter in town, Tim from ‘London Music Showcase’ who always rallies a good bunch of people, the gang are looking to socialise whilst listening to new music from underground artists. He gets some great bands on to play and it’s a privilege to play on the stage with some of them.

Generating a community around live music is a job, definitely check out the group HERE and hop along to see a show if you’re in London, even if I’m not performing, help celebrate grass roots in music.

Sans & Belenchuk live on stage album 1 launch party

Speaking of gigging, the album launch gig was SO special, I’m really grateful and I know Belenchuk is over the moon with all the love and the vibe of the night.


Extra special thanks to our good pals supporting:


Ryan Scott – click to support


Rory Scott – click to support


They’re both inspirational musicians so check them out if you weren’t able to come to the show. They also feature in mine and Belenchuk’s story, certain gigs at key moments in our relationship, so that added to the celebration on the night.


For anyone keen to see this as a show, me playing while Polina paints, fear not, she will be joining me on stage some more in the future, it won’t be constantly (She has a lot of her own work to do and things to focus on.) but we will try to make it a regular-ish occurrence. 

Black Box Mural...

The above image is a post from Belenchuk, who, I’m very excited to announce, has her first ever exhibition on 1st OCT 2022 – WHOOP!!!


At the event, I will be supporting her with a stripped back set, something a bit more chilled for the event. It is a private event, but feel free to message me if you’re interested in tickets and I’ll see what I can do.

She is going to be painting a mural for Black Box Presents, and that will be presented on the day alongside a gallery of some of her other work about the subject of ‘INNER CRITIC’.


It’s really exciting for her, so please share whatever you see on socials-promotion wise and help share the love for her work.

I guess it’s the equivalent of an album launch for her, so I’m really proud and so happy to be there supporting.


Now PRINT ON DEMAND is out, it’s time for me to get my act together with social media and my online presence!

As a foundation for the boost, we’ve been busy putting a sassy visual spin on the website… You may have noticed this page has been updated just for a fresh feel 🙂

The web will be launched on the 9th SEP 2021. I’m just shouting about it more now as I’d really like you to share it to your socials.

I often find social media to be a drain, it can really take away from the energy of creating music, performing, the things I really love to do, but I do know that that’s me looking at things wrong. 

What I need to do is to incorporate those things into the social media I put out there. Why am I sharing all this with you?

Well, to be honest, that’s just it, I want to be honest with you, I’m not trying to brag or seem bigger than I am, I’m on a journey and I need your help to do that. I often call ‘social media’ – ‘SoMe’ coz that’s what so much of it is used for right? So much is ‘look at me’ and about us blurting out into the world what we’re thinking, feeling and doing in that moment.

Whilst I believe that is really important for us all to enjoy using our voices and to have the freedom to do so is valuable to the world as well as per individual, I want to try harder with ‘Arron Sans’ and make it more inclusive or more entertaining than just me sharing me-me-me all the time.

I know that I overthink things a lot, I have grand ideas and bite off more than I can chew, can you relate? 

I certainly try really hard to make a good impression and to make things entertaining, so I feel like I burnt myself out often, by trying to do too much every single day. 

The reality is I should be a bit more selective with the special bits, and try and show up every day no matter what even if it’s just something basic.

There’s even new social media taking over the world, and so many of us don’t even know how big it’s getting already… I’m of course talking about the meta verse! That online community is blowing up right now! It is going to be the future for sure.


So please, if you’re really digging what I’m doing, make it known on social media, of course, give me feedback, if there’s something you particularly enjoy or even something you want to see more of or maybe I’m not doing something you’d like to have, just shout.

And keep sharing and we’ll keep growing.

Rant over 😀


Me and Belenchuk took a quick beach trip to get away
Reboot the system ready for the next release!

The next mission is going to be a single release for BLOODSTREAMS, the final track on the album…


We release singles as a way for people to get into the music we make, its also really useful for drumming up interest from the industry as well as having something to celebrate aaaand to also make a music video to entertain you.


OCT is the aim. It’s been so chaotic the last couple months that we thought we’d skip a launch in SEP in order to give ourselves some slack as well as make sure we get it right, there’s really no point in rushing it.


Don’t worry, it won’t take all year like PEARLS did!!!

Thank you!

I’m truly grateful for your support, for buying the album, streaming the tunes on Spotify, thank you so so much! As a thank you, here’s an unnecessary photo of me standing in front of a pink wall!



Why you still reading this… GO! Go and get the Album – RIGHT HERE!

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