‘Sans Radio’ online now!

Sans Radio Sass

These ‘Spotify’ playlists and algorithms are where it’s at for new artists trying to get noticed, while I am trying to do things my way, I still need to play the game…

Sans Radio Sass

What musical artist doesn’t have influences and inspirational tunes? They say that good art is imitation right? So I guess everyone who creates music does, even the greatest of all artists had influence somewhere. That’s why you notice The Beatles in Bowie and why NIN worked with him, Trent Reznor worked with Dave Grohl and the big D ended up working with his hero the even bigger Paul McCartney! It’s all just one big creative circle!


Well, I’ve decided to use the available playlist function on my ‘Spotify profile’ to put together a ‘Sans Radio’ playlist, where I’ve chosen some of the most influential songs to me. I’ve never been too strict on what genres I listen to, but they’re all quite well known artists. Have a listen and let me know if you spot any similarities or clear influence in my songs…

“Music is art and art is subjective… I’ve always been into heroes AND underdogs… I like almost every style of music but for me it comes down the song, if it makes you want to sing along and if the lyric really makes you feel something powerful in its message then I’m sold!”

There are some obvious tracks in there but also a few you may not expect, I’ve even added a couple of real gems from artists I know and like who are trying to make their way in the world of music too!

A – Z of great tunes…

So it doesn’t just end with the Sans Radio playlist, I’ve also gone through an A, B, C… Z of artists and my favorite tunes from each of them. ‘Top of The A to Zs’ playlist Of course, this kind of thing changes every week right? But I thought I’d set it up and tried to give it a mix of genres, as well as a broad cross section from over the ages.

Open the mind…

I’ve been avoiding that creative block by listening to stuff I wouldn’t normally go for, trying to broaden my minds horizons.”

I decided to show off some style…. new music and songs that I’ve heard recently which have been growing my mind and musical energy, I’d love to be writing music as creative as these folks on my ‘Animo Aribus’ playlist.


Hope you enjoy all of the musical offerings I’m mentioned!


Tell me, who are your favorite bands? What’s that one tune that’s got stuck in your head? Let me know and I’ll take a listen, you never know, I might add it to my playlists and hey, it may even inspire a tune or two…



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