What’s up Arron?
How are you? I hope everything has been going well for you and that you have some positive goings on this month?

I can tell you that the struggle is real here, I’ve got 5 ideas that are bubbling but I have very little time to actually finish one for the October release! Eek!

Please wish me luck and keep your fingers crossed for the 22nd Oct 2021

I can’t decide if I’m off my game because I’ve given myself too much choice, the fact that I know I have at least one Tipler production to fall back on too or is it because my soul mate and muse is currently ONE THOUSAND & EIGHT HUNDRED MILES AWAY!?!

I’ve been trying to write an upbeat track to pick up from the much darker tone of Flowers.
But it’s quite hard when the beautiful light that is Belenchuk is missing from our home. But I don’t resent her being away, she hasn’t seen her relatives since Jan 2020!!!

That’s right, after almost two years Polina finally gets to reunite with her family, I’m so happy for them all, I know just how much they miss one another. 

I do hope you’re not in the same boat and hey, if you are, you’ve always got family in me!

I feel very lucky thinking about how we’re all connected and on this trip, I think that’s why I’m so nervous for these monthly releases, coz I want to give you the best that I can each time. Thanks for giving Flowers a spin, I do hope you liked it?

I’m also lucky because I get to go to Russia too in just over 1 weeks time, It’s Polina’s birthday, so that will be fun!

I’ve been 3 times before and I can truly say that Moscow & St Petersburg are magical places, sure, I may be bias, but there’s incredible history and architecture there that makes them a spectacle to visit.

October also brings out the ghoul in me-you know what I mean!!! Bit of dress up, pumpkin carving, sugar rush, that sort of thing. It’s an exciting time of year I find.

It’ll be even more exciting if I can unlock my creative flow and get a new track sorted for you.

I think they say that diamonds are made under intense pressure…

Let the pressure commence!



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