Hey Arron,
Happy Friday!!! How are you doing? What are your plans for the weekend? I’m going to see a brand new band, ‘Flora’s Bar & Grill’ debut their first live show at ‘The Engine Rooms’ East London! Really excited to go to more live shows!! 🥳

FLOWERS is out NOW! Available for you to stream and to get your download HERE!

Flowers grow… Flowers fade… is it me or are humans just the same?

I guess that’s life right? What do you think of this statement, “We are born from this planet, not born into it!”?

It’s one of my favourite ‘dilemma’ thoughts, part of the duality of humankind-some days I just want to let go and let life shine through me without a care in the world, and then there are days where I feel I need total control…!

I first heard the phrase from ‘Alan Watts’, I have listened to a lot of his points of view over the years, I always found his philosophical talks to be very enlightening for myself, someone who has a lot of chatter in the mind and often overthinking, which can often paralyse me from doing anything beneficial for myself, but I’ve found strength in his words and his content is perfect to help give a different perspective or relax the soul. 

How do we handle these things? Is it a case of giving-in to one or the other? Or finding the balance between… we’re special creatures aren’t we!?!

FLOWERS has that kind of mentality within the track, even though it is about accepting mistakes and accepting life and death as one, it is an ode to relationships, interaction for humans the way we treat each other, culture, race, even other life on the planet, things that make us fight before reaching a solution, reacting upon fear. Perhaps a bit of reach when compared to the lyrics used, but that’s how I felt when singing them. There’s so much pain in life and even though any control or hope of control we may have is futile, we still worry… Deep huh!? 😆

…I hope all is good with you? I always want to hear from you, so please don’t be too shy to share your journey with me, weights or positives, I’m all ears.

I had some deja vu thoughts on this track, FLOWERS for so long, but actually wrote it with Jorge Gill, the day was a bit of a dream, we were so used to working together where he only drummed for songs already written, so spending time with him to write something from scratch was very interesting. Seeing him in his element was really inspiring, his ability to craft a vibe was so honest and purely creative, it definitely opened my eyes and ears up to so much more.

We did talk about the idea of us putting ourselves out as a project, but we’re both so busy in our own ways we only worked on a couple of demos, but who knows, maybe in time we’ll have a few track collaborations and put out a record(?) but until then, please enjoy the track we co wrote!

Thanks as always for reading and all of your support!



…Don’t forget to give me your feedback ! It really does help to know what you think of what I’m creating.

Jorge originally directed the production, his style has a lot more of a ‘shoe-gaze’ type influence, whereas my DIY stuff tends to be more clean on the reverb, which is quite strange considering I’m a massive NiN fan!! The production was a lot of fun to do, I used the original demo we worked on as a template and based a lot of my design on the original but still, in just 3 days I managed to put this together. I don’t enjoy putting myself under so much pressure-which adds more stress-but I am very proud that I managed to get it sorted and sounding pretty good!

Of course, if you want to know more about Jorge, give him a follow on Spotify

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