New Music – Coming your way!

New Music – Coming your way!

Hey there Arron!

How has your November been so far?
I’m just emailing you to let you know that It’s getting closer to that time again…

I’m releasing a new single next week,



Wait… first off I feel I should apologise, because in my last email I lied, I told you I was going to release ‘ALIVE’ didn’t I!? But I decided not too… Coz I had something else on my mind 🤨
The recent Climate summit, ‘COP26’ is the reason for my change of heart, last weekend I wrote a track that was inspired by the fact that the current leaders of the governments of the most powerful countries in the world meet up for a conference [party & greenwashing to distract from corruption!] about how to tackle issues of climate change.


Now, I don’t know your stance or beliefs on the issues, whether you believe the cause is natural or ‘man-made’, but I do believe it is something our governments and especially the big business owners need to take seriously.

I’ve always been quite passionate about these issues but I don’t enjoy waxing political, it can upset too many people, especially now there is such a divide between people thanks to social media -but just so you know- it was not easy for me to suddenly decide to go with this track for fear of you thinking that I was just trying to ‘trend’ or something. 

Last week I was quite brutally honest and I told you how many days I may have left to live!!!* I’m not down about this stuff, reality tends to feed my creativity, sure I may exaggerate or embellish some aspects for dramatic effect but for the most part, I won’t lie to you! So trust me when I say, this song is from the heart.

*remember, the days were counted based on me having a nice long life, not intended to be morbid just to motivate myself into spending more of my time doing what I love-creating! So this next photo is in case you think I’m taking life too seriously…



I tried to combine my thoughts about how little time we have to adapt and how I’m sick and tired of hearing about how little the powers-that-be are actually doing to enable positive changes compared to the efforts they make to keep themselves in those positions of power. We allow them to lead us, employ them even-since we pay our taxes etc. We need to hold them accountable in their leadership, or more to the point, stop them mis-leading us all and start seriously adapting & aiding the world properly. I fear they will never do this because their priority always seems to be either greed for power or for profit. 🌎🌍🌏

…You get to hear it next week anyway so you can judge for yourself then!

If you want to pre-save the song on Spotify or one of the other platforms then you will find this link here the bringer of good times:

I’d still love to hear from you with your thoughts on this topic as I truly believe that sharing our thoughts and experiences helps us grow one-another towards a more positive future for all.

I hope you have some good times planned for the weekend?

I’m catching up with a friend I haven’t seen in 3 years, so that’s gonna be a good laugh, loads to chat about and so much to share.

Speak again soon,


P.S. I haven’t decided if I’m going to release ALIVE as part of the Debut album or not yet, so please just forget I ever mentioned it, it’ll be a nice surprise later!
😆 Till then… Thanks for listening! 🙌

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