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Arron Sans - Pink Flower artwork by BELENCHUK

What do you think of when you think of a clock ticking, sunsets and sunrise, that Sunday evening feeling when you know you’ve got work the next morning, the thought of another birthday approaching or the moment when the chill of winter comes around again!?

Arron Sans - Pink Flower artwork by BELENCHUK

I have a love/hate relationship with ‘Time’…


As usual, my own mind plays devils-advocate, no, not a shouty Al Pacino, I’m talking about duality, debating the pros and cons to betting on both sides of the coin…


This time, pun intended, I keep asking myself Why are man made things so powerfully destructive?

I’ve never seen the rush myself, but as I approach my 14,245 day upon this beautiful marble, I start to feel certain pressures of time.

Sure, the construct of time can be so positive, we can calculate and plan, build and monitor growth. But with that, comes limitation, I ask the universe, ‘is something that isn’t achieved within a certain time frame or an object/being that doesn’t last or live as long as the next better or worse?’


I’ve been wondering, because I have always been a late bloomer, a little slow on the uptake, and at 38 years old and counting, I’m still making music where others have achieved a certain level of success or given up the ghost wanting it. It lead me to believe what is success, my own father has always told me that, ‘success is what you make of it’. So you can set your own goals and targets I suppose.


I keep stopping myself by asking, is that something you truly want or something that is part of an ingrained perception. ‘Keeping up with the Jones’s’ perhaps or society’s expectations – or family’s?!

Arron Sans on the brain illustration - BELENCHUK

No bitterness, no regrets, well maybe one, but that’s about money, I’ll save (yes! Pun intended again!) that for another blog post – Simply me being curious, just thinking that success is a construct just like time and wondering how I can create a song from my mental meanderings. (🤞‘To be continued’)


Time and success have limitations, depending on the time and place. But it can also be destructive.


There’s a great quote I like,


So I try to express my true self into everything I am doing creatively and in my life. I’m trying to do it more within the music but I always seem to get embroiled in the lyrics most.


Before I start writing a song, there is always a process of churning an idea over in my head. Usually focused on a lyric line or the theme.


I’ve been jotting down some words and images on ‘Time’;


-reveals all truths, heals all wounds

-round the clock we go

-The rotting of fruit

-bending under gravity

-slowing life to speed up death

-the construct that destructs


My Favourite song about time, Pink Floyd-did you know that the intro to the song was recorded in an antique shop, it was only meant to be a sound test but made the final cut on the record! I read that the band were thinking about the pressures of life, regrets & mortality. I relate to this kind of song theme. Not to mention one of the most iconic artworks in history!!

pinkfloyddark side of the moon artwork

’Dark side of the moon’ is a masterpiece, so it will be great inspiration but bloody hard to follow. Haha!


Let’s see what I come up with… But let’s not say when! 😉



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