Money can buy you anything…


Even love!


It can also buy-out someone else’s human rights!


Do you believe a human should have rights?


All the rights?


And equal rights?


Every human?


Or are there some humans who shouldn’t be included in some or all of the rights?


I don’t envy anyone who has to make decisions on those things. I don’t envy anyone who is in power or those with vast amounts of wealth or influence.


But perhaps that’s a problem. 


Maybe I should at the very least want to be a part of that, even if only how things work and in how decisions are made.


So many of us are sat on our butts and groaning – but not enough of us are standing up and taking action. I include myself in that too for the most part. Perhaps that’s why I am such a keyboard warrior, is it easier to do this? Or is this the most effective way I can ‘shout’ about it?


Of course, being part of being a democracy is to figure out what we believe and then cast our vote and then stand by it. But even still, I remember the UK referendum was held in part because the majority of the country didn’t want the rights and rules of the nations people to be governed by ‘strangers’.


But what about the influence the USA has over the UK? What about those businessmen worldwide who whisper into the ears of our voted and dare I say ‘trusted’ (hmm) politicians? Do we vote for them? Approve of them being in positions of power that can influence and change our lives for the better/worse without our say so?


I fear that apathy has developed so much in society over the years and it is that which keeps us from speaking up. Which might explain why so many people are getting away with things we just wouldn’t have stood for in the past.


This world is a crazy. 


And lets not forget, a beautiful place too. One reason it is beautiful I think is because others have suffered so we can be here today.


Do we do them a disservice by not having the same united voice?


I think the bare naked truth is that people are crazy. 


are we crazy or is the world crazy


We forget that we are of this planet. We didn’t land here and set up shop. It bore us, we have lost touch with that and the world is somehow reacting to our chaos in order to find cosmic balance.


Oh right, sure thing, look at me like I’m the crazy one. Ha!


Okay, so check this out…


A friend of mine quoted recently, ‘Hard life creates hard people, hard people create easy life, easy life creates soft people, soft people create hard life’


What do you think of that? Does it ring true to you? Can you relate somehow?


I get it. But I have to point out that not everyone has the same life, that should be obvious, so surely if the world was a just place, the hard people of the world would be standing up for everyone else?


I guess that’s the problem isn’t it. If those hard people believe one thing, but the soft people believe another – who’s going to get what they want!?


I still believe that us shouting or even screaming about certain things, such as Roe vs Wade, (for which I am dead against btw, it’s a woman’s body, she should be allowed to decide!) is important. But it’s a ‘singular issue’ and there’s more too it that just the decision.


There’s influence. Money buys influence, in various ways, not just in the obviously corrupt sense. But take someone’s salary for example, they get paid that money to do a job. Some people get appointed into positions with those appointing them knowing or lets say, expecting them to provide a certain outcome.


I ask you, are we shouting about the right things?


Of course, Roe vs Wade, Ukraine and the many other conflicts happening worldwide, Climate Crisis, Foodbanks, people starving, pandemic(s) all of these things are pressing issues. Each one needs to be dealt with immediately.

But my point is, who’s in charge of making these decisions? Who’s even raising things like ‘Roe vs Wade’ as a debatable bill or legislation!? 


WHO* is behind the curtain??


Now I don’t believe that there are lizard people, I don’t believe that the Earth is flat, if people can prove me to think otherwise then fair play to that research and proof.


What I do believe in is Money is God, it’s the worlds biggest religion nowadays and people worship at the alter 24/7. 




Well because it gives people power. Whether that’s Jeff next door, who’s dying to retire early so that he can use his financial freedom to enjoy himself or whether that’s Elon Musk, who’s allegedly trying to make the human race interplanetary in a bid for longevity in human survival.


Or perhaps it’s so that money can be used to buy votes to make more money so *’Mr OZ’ or ‘this or that organisation’ can run a country and then the world… 


Using that money to shift people like chess pieces into place to obtain a desired outcome that is beneficial to them.


How did it ever become possible the fact that, ’78million acres of land are lost in the Amazon due to slash & burn deforestation’ ?


I guess the world has ‘too many moving parts’ for people to control them all. There isn’t someone sat at a desk at the ‘worlds end’ monitoring and authorising such things. But there are certainly people profiting from those things and the people who should be monitoring those people probably aren’t doing a good job. Unless their job is to somehow convince the people below them that ‘it’s all okay!’.


Sounds crooked as hell right?

Well that’s what I’m ranting about today!

We need to be shouting up and protesting about the people in power. The financiers of the establishment.

Because there’s something very wrong there!

All the stuff we’re debating over, it’s just a distraction to keep us busy.


And while creators, much like myself or yourself if you produce art, we try so hard to be honest and bold and put something meaningful into our works, even Netflix and ironically Amazon Prime fund plenty of TV shows, movies and documentaries that are trying to tell us about the troubles we are facing but avoiding, but because things need beautiful packaging to make that ‘sweet return on the buck’, the meaning is lost somehow in translation and it acts more like a hypnotherapy to dull our senses.


So when things like a ‘no protest bill’ gets passed in the UK, very few people take to the streets like they would have done in the past and the rest look up from their mobile devises to either shout-‘good for you’ or ‘go home’.


And we do… We go home to our highly priced rented flats or houses, burn through our energy and stack up more debt in fueling the cycle.


In the UK there are now 177 Billionaires.


The richest being the London-based Hinduja brothers, Sri and Gopi, and family with a £28bn fortune, which is up more than £11bn on last year!!!

zombie queen CohenAW
Copyright: © CohenAW -

Although I’m pretty sure the UK’s Royal Family have £80+ Billion… So…


Whatever ‘Rich List’ publication, even you can’t get the facts right. Or is that just deflection!? I don’t know, maybe it has to be earned over a certain period or a type of wealth, which the royals here in the UK have had longer to ‘accumulate’! 


(That’s the most polite way I can think of it btw)


Combined, the richest 250 people in the UK are worth a staggering,  £710.723bn. (£795bn if we incl. Queenie, but we won’t do that!)


Compared to £658.089 billion in 2021!!!


Numbers are not my strong point, so please know I gathered this data from the press…


But either way, this should stun all of us!




Especially whilst UK households struggle under increased financial pressure from inflation.


At a 40-year-high of 9% this year. 


All the while remembering that the combined wealth of the UK’s billionaires has risen more than 9.4%


The rich get richer.


How do they do they do this? Influence. How do they influence? Money!


They talk about ‘the great reset’… I don’t think it’s us who need to reset. I think the money that influences power needs the reset, a rethink and a good hard restructure.



Before they work out a way to own even our basic of human rights.



The systems are broken, there are people controlling those systems who are not morally qualified, that is where we should be looking to strike up debate and protest and shout and scream until things are reformed for a better, more just world.


Stay strong!


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