Get em while they’re HOT!


The next gig is proving to be in demand, so tickets are selling, with Holloway Star being a very popular local band the show is predicted to sell out!





we should be on at about 9pm, but all of the acts are going to be ace!


remember – 12 MAY 2023, at The Hope & Anchor, in Islington, London.

As I mentioned in the news letter the other week – this is going to be a massive first for me (us!) – playing with a band and totally new material, I’m really excited about it.

Rock n Roll Sans

It’ll be a great way to see how you all react to the new tunes, the vibe of the band and I’m really keen to see how I perform with the guys, I predict a lot of energy…

It’s crazy to think that in just a few month I’ll have a second album released, it’s a very different journey to PRINT ON DEMAND but I’m already very proud of it.


This next week is going to see me swimming for my life in the wave of organisation I need to face, but I’m hoping to stay a float with it all, keep pushing forward and plan a decent release that not only grows our community but also gives loads of entertainment.


Sans Attack

If you want to be a part of it, keep checking in on these emails/blogs etc and of course, get active on the socials with me, it really does do wonders in the way of supporting what I’m doing.


And totally grab your TICKETS for the first gig and join the party!

Long live rock n roll,



If you still haven’t got your hands on album No.1, ‘PRINT ON DEMAND’ produced by the incredible talent that is PAUL TIPLER then grab one right now – RIGHT HERE! Do it! 🙂

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