Well hey there!

I’m back with avengeance now and I’m very excited to say that nothing short of lighting striking me is gonna stop me now! 


‘Looks up nervously’



Well what a month it has been, I’ve had a couple of therapeutic awakenings and been forcing myself to find more balance lately, which was seriously lacking recently.


You know those times, where you’re all fuzzy headed and just running on autopilot, suddenly you wake up from that daydream like flow and !POW! erm, ‘where am I and what am I doing?’ 


No! Not from a drunken stupor, I’ve admittedly had a few too many of those in my time, but not this time, I’m talking about being a passenger in our own lives.


There is nothing in life that we have any control over except our decisions and actions and lately I’ve been taking back control of those things. Less  breaking my back for the rent, less Netflix and cushion molding and much more dream weaving and shape shifting!


Wait – no, that can’t be right, that last sounds like a comedy version of Star Trek!?!


Basically, what I mean is, I’ve been putting the building blocks together for me to make things much more entertaining around here.


For example, let’s say there’s a war on, or someone slaps someone on worldwide TV or there’s a leader of a country being a complete hypocrite and my silly brain decides to get caught up in that stream of thought and while my heart just wants to make music and siiiiing for you all, my brain is angry at the world and decides to just focus on the current sensationalism trend and trying to fix the world somehow.




How exhausting, right? To be crushed by the cause.


I’ve gotten my act together and realised that I’m here to entertain, music is my passion and that’s how I roll. If I can share some love and raise awareness about causes close to my heart then great, if we can all grow to understand each other


I basically want to give you the Ups and not just the downs on the journey I’m on, that we’re sharing the experiencing of together. 


Thank you by the way! You being here, reading this, means a lot.


I want to keep the flow going and keep the vibe optimistic and lighter than perhaps it has been of late.


Don’t worry though, there will still be rants from time to time, like THIS little blog about the UK clown show that is, ‘Party-Gate‘. Enjoy!

Arron and Paul reviewing a mix - Unit 13 Studios


I was discussing the Album Launch with Will from the label and I am happy to say, we’ve locked in the dates, I promise that I’m going to announce it very soon and you will be the first to know.


It is truly amazing for me to be able to say that the album will be out in the next few months, ‘amazing for me’ because it means I have an accountability as a musician now. 


Releasing a body of work like this means I won’t just be ‘trying’ anymore, whilst that is an added pressure, it means I’m committed, it will actually be my job now. I am responsible for nurturing its growth and in return-if you enjoy it-the validation that would bring to my presence in the world as an entertainer means continued growth. 


I also really hope the record proves to be ‘amazing for you’ as well. Not only through joy or excitement from the songs, but hopefully through inspiration too, to do what you love and to love what you do


You know those good-times, where you get those warm fuzzy feelings from a weekend being surrounded by your nearest and dearest?


Well the month just gone has been filled with that, catching up with old friends who were visiting in London from their home in Madrid.


A beautiful sunny day trip out of the city to the seaside town of Margate!


Long overdue catch-up with one of my brothers who has been living in the southern hemisphere for the past few years.


Keeping culture intact with a celebration of ‘Russian Easter’ with my darling Belenchuk. Taking a moment of silence in respect for those suffering and fighting in Ukraine. Asking the Universe to look after the heroic people and their families and for a swift end to the conflict.


In tough times and after so long living in isolation, it really is great to be seeing a lot more of the ones we love. I think of all of my friends and their families who will be celebrating ‘Eid’ this week. Eid Mubarak to you!


I truly hope that you have been enjoying yourself and also been doing all you can to keep yourself on a positive mission that keeps you feeling happy, motivated and inspired. If not, then please know, I’m here to chat anytime you need a boost!



Thanks always for your support!



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