Woah! It’s the middle of March already !?!



Having played my first live show of the year over a month a go I’m now chomping at the bit to get the new material up and running. Ready to get out there and play some more! Like, it is driving me insane!


ALL of the songs are now written, the focus is now on completing drums and bass so I can begin the production process. But things are 99% ready for rehearsing.


I have some time off the 9-5 coming up and I’m really gonna focus then on recording.



I have managed to convince a dear friend to join me and play bass, so we’re just in need of a drummer now…


Meet George!


For those who don’t know, he used to play bass with me in Panic Island, a rock band I was front man for. He’s a good soul and got a great stage presence that I think will really suit the direction. Not only of the second album but future albums I have planned.


We’ve had a few lengthy chats about how things are going to progress for ‘Sans’…



As you know, I’m all about that journey and growth so I plan to level-up each album. George understands that this next album is all about the do it yourself mentality, so he’s cool in having me work things out for the record. I think I have a good understanding of how he plays and performs so I’m excited to try and write bass parts that I think he’ll actually enjoy playing.



If he doesn’t like them then live, he can work out what he thinks is best and the same will go for the drummer, I just want this 2nd Album to be a completely solo achievement. From writing to production. 


As long as everything goes well and moves forward, then the plan unfolds from there, the 3rd album will be written with George and our chosen drummer. There’s even more in my 6 album plan… But more on the rest another day. If you hadn’t guessed by now, I do like to plan ahead and have some pretty grand ideas.

The London orchestra and the Brighton Chorus playing fantasy movie scores!

Nothing quite as elaborate as this epic orchestral gig we went to the other day!!! But still, lots I want to give in the way of music and entertainment.


Although an album with Will as part of his Lovanaverse masterplan is defo going to be on the cards too at some point.


But all in good time. Right now I’m just finalising all the parts, tough with only two hands…


As you can imagine, I’m just raring to get things finished, demos are almost done, recording should be sorted by the end of April and rehearsals underway sooner.


It’s much easier to rely on others and ask for help than it is to do everything yourself, but I need this challenge, I want to feel the empowerment, not for ego, for knowledge, to be able to understand what is in front of me so that moving forward I am able to communicate better as an artist, with other musicians and with producers.


I’m always excited recording in a proper studio, it’s a great experience and the results are excellent. After this one I’m certain the ‘group’ will return to that format, but for now it’s, “write the theme tune, sing the theme tune…” who doesn’t love a bit of ‘Little Britain’?


Take it easy!

Cheers for all the support, remember, I’m here, maybe a bit quiet, but I’m still kicking, on socials and via email, hitting the stage again asap!



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