“LIONESS” – Release Day!

The video is out, created by and starring ‘Belenchuk’, the song, produced by Paul Tipler, is up and running and ready to stream!


On SPOTIFY & all major platforms…

When a man loves a woman… He writes her a song!


Or at least that’s what this man did!


So this is just gonna be one big ol’ mushy self boost about how awesome the Mrs is, but seriously, when you meet someone ‘who run the world’ and inspires you like she has me, you can’t do anything less than your best, right now, this is it!

There’s an original song writing demo version of the song on the HUB page, I sent a link to Paul (Tipler) who said he thought it was a good lead single, so we met up a few times over drinks and discussed the track.

I worked out a production demo at home, I was going for this ‘Peter Gabriel’ vibe, like his track, ‘STEAM’ but with a dirtier guitar, I was throwing the kitchen sink at it knowing that Paul would be able to tidy things up for me, but I was still so nervous. This track was precious to me.


Not only was it the one people were talking about at gigs but it was about Polina, who wasn’t living here at the time, so we were living a digital romance and we were hundreds of miles apart. The image of her was strong in my heart, I remember the first time we met, I saw her dancing, her presence was so vibrant, without stealing thunder from others, she was simply in tune with herself. She was dancing with a close friend and there was this drunk guy (not me!!) trying to dance on them, so I took this as an opportunity to join them, I got the guys attention and said, ‘lets dance with them!’ and kind of steered him into his own space, Polina and her friend carried on dancing, kind of with us, whilst making expressive use of our own space. When it was time to kick out we got chatting outside and I knew there was something special about her…

Sleepless Nights…

The night before the studio session, my first ever solo recording with a professional producer, I was nervous to say the least. I remember standing there in the shower panicking, ‘what if I don’t wake up in time‘, ‘miss the train’, ’can’t play in time’, ‘turns out crap!’ Etc, etc. I must have spent two hours before that just playing to the metronome, but I was still freaked out. This meant a lot to me!

Sing Lioness with Arron

The whole experience with Paul was excellent, it was confidence building, he was a star and made me feel at ease, did amazing work on the production and mixing, we managed to finish the whole track in one day!!!


I was pumped! I must have listened to the track on repeat the whole way home!


Of course, I sent it to Polina and as soon as I got home we Face-timed and I jumped about the room and showed off about how proud I was!


The video is one of the coolest art projects I‘ve ever been involved in and to do that for this song, with her, that’s magic!


Really hope you give the video a watch!


Enjoy x

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