The new single is OUT NOW!


I messed up!


Being the hot head that I am, trying to do so much myself I made a right boo boo. I set the release date as 2022 for the new single O.M.G. (OH MY GOD!)


From a creatives point of view that sucks, because what it means is we don’t get to create a buzz in the build up to the release. It also means that it won’t go to any editorial playlists and it is treated as a back catalogue track.


Which is sad, coz I’m REALLY proud of the writing, recording and production and I think the guys have done amazing so I NEED YOUR HELP! and counter my idiocy by sharing the track as much as you can!!!


Also, we’re playing a GIG in London, Kings Cross on 21st JUN 2023 as a Launch Party, we’re on stage at 19:45, the venue is called, The Star of Kings – the last gig sold out, so if you’d like to join us in celebrating the release then GRAB YOUR TICKET NOW!

It should be a wicked night, we’re opening up for FRAN LUSTY, PANIC ATOM and PERFECT STRANGERS, each and every act is top drawer and well worth sticking around to see.


I think that all 4 of us are going to put on a night to remember!

Me, George (Bass), Jack (Drums) and Zack (our good friend who has been a masterful engineer) have all worked really hard on this new tune,  so any liking/sharing/streaming will mean a lot to us all!


The lyrics of this tune came from a place of anger and frustration at how the powerful are more consumed by greed than the need to be decent human beings!! 


O.M.G. is a rebellious stomper that lashes out at ‘the system’ and those who think they’re doing a good job of leading it! We want to encourage everyone to break any sign of apathy that may exist and push back on the powers that are trying to make it normal just take it and take it without any repercussions.


…I guess me screwing up the release date for the song just goes to prove that you simply cannot ‘do it yourself’ we need each other!!! IF there’s to be any change in this world, no one can do it alone – REMEMBER – There’s more of ‘us’ than there are of them (so called leaders!)


Please give the song a listen and give it a share if you feel it too!

“Take back control!”




BTW – The plan is to have Album 2 – ‘D.I.Y’ released in OCT 2023 (As long as I don’t mess the date up again! Hahah!)


But if you still haven’t got your hands on album No.1, ‘PRINT ON DEMAND’ produced by the incredible talent that is PAUL TIPLER then grab one right now – RIGHT HERE! Do it! 🙂

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