Here’s to a Happy Monday!


Something about Mondays that just always used to give me the shudders, what about you? I think it’s mainly because I’d look back at my weekend and question whether I was ‘productive’ enough, if that was worthy of me and on point with my aim to not have to ‘go back into the office’. I do that often, forget that it’s small steps, more on that later… Read on for blog link…


Here’s to a great week and month ahead!




Another one!? …YES!


NEXT GIG:- 18th June – Lady Hamilton, Kentish Town, London, UK



It gives me great pleasure to shout about the next show I have, last Friday was wild, so happy to be playing to so many music lovers, I feel really lucky to have the support from a crowd like that. So refreshing and inspiring!


The next gig will be equally as lively, I’m supporting ‘Tvvinns’, a punk-rock duo who are good pals of mine and a brand new band also a pal, ‘Hyperspace’ who are looking to get out there more and make a name for themselves too.


I’ve heard a couple of their tunes and I like what I’ve heard, this will be a great step for them and good for us all to play together.


This is what makes music so much fun.


I hope if you’re able to be there, you come say hey and we can chat!


…There’s already a murmur that we could make it a regular thing for the three of us to team-up and play around greater London together.


Maybe even further afield.



So, if you’re interested in seeing me play, drop me a line, we could organise a night at your local music venue, if you have a contact for a promoter then that’s even better. 


Just let me know if that interests you.



Releasing the video felt so good, especially since it took a while to get completed. Sometimes these things get held up do to other commitments and it frustrates me, but then, they do say things happen when they’re ready to.


I’m not going to be down about it, but I do acknowledge that the live stream wasn’t as smooth as I’d had hoped. What we tried to do unorganised and rushed, we chatted after and have agreed a few things, we will move the time of them to 7:30 so I have a bit more time to get myself ready after work, lack of rest-bite and therefor lack of focus on my part being one of the biggest drawbacks. There is also more we could have done to make it less chaotic, so we promise to make more of an effort to ‘script’ a format for future live streams and of course, make sure we know how to use Facebook properly.. Sorry Meta… What’s it called nowadays!?


Anyway, that’s enough of the self critic, what did you make of the video? 


I hope the message was clear and we still managed to keep the artistic mystery intact for you? Sometimes it’s a mission for me to be direct, coz I do like cryptic, perhaps you’ve noticed that in some of my lyrics? It’s just the same when it comes to music videos, I like to push wild ideas and meanings behind things, simply because I want things I create to evoke feelings or raise questions.

I’m massively grateful to Belenchuk for all of her wonderful art direction and effort with finalising the edit. I think you’ll agree, we work pretty well together as a team, we both enjoy the raw expressive nature of art, we strive to ‘do’ without getting too caught up in the perfectionism of everything. I find that can really block you when it comes to creating.

I’m always so impressed with how she helps focus my mad ideas and makes them look so good. I know I can be a pain sometimes and demand that everything be relevant to each ‘project’, no matter what, I’m always happy with the end result. Please join me in thanking her, follow her on social media and tell her how awesome she is!

I hope seeing the video has rekindled a desire to listen to the song, it seems to be a favourite of people’s which I’m proud of. 

If you like it please share it as I need your help to grow the community we have here. Honestly, your support would mean the world to us, sharing is such a massive way of helping us continue to grow.

And if you haven’t seen it yet – don’t wait any longer, follow one of these links and check it out:






As part of my own personal growth and development, I was recently advised to read, ‘the artists way’, by Julia Cameron.


I have been
doing a fair bit of focus on my Mindset for playing live recently, but I’ve
gotta say, this book has already opened doors creatively and its only been one week! You know what it’s like, when someone has an epiphany and they’ve just got to shout about it, well sorry, but that’s what I’m gonna do right now.


I recommend this to anyone, because it really is for anyone, it’s about connecting with your inner creative being and unblocking yourself from those critics that hold you down in your own mind.


There’s this task of having to write, ‘morning pages’, which will seem familiar to you if you
journal or keep a diary I’m sure. But the challenges within that, arguing with and standing up for yourself, are very impressive. I dare you to give it a go, especially if you’ve ever thought you weren’t good enough to do something, anything!


Both myself and Belenchuk have been doing
it and she too can vouch for the benefit of doing this. 


In order to do this each morning, as well as an attempt to change my habits and try to be more productive
I have started getting up at 6:30am…








A friend suggested, ‘why don’t you get up earlier?’ when I was moaning

about work-life-balance issues. My immediate reaction was to say, ‘Can’t

exactly turn my amplifier on at 7am and record a song can I!?’ – well, I feel I ought to apologise to them now, because of course I was thinking too narrowly and probably just me being moody.


Getting up earlier has helped me to get a lot of the other things I
need to get done, like edit videos, make SoMe content, things that take time
but also use energy that I resent spending later on in the day after work or at weekends where I just want to create and enjoy making music.


I know I said it’s only been one week, or one and a bit since I’m now well into week two, I feel the progression, it really is positive so I can see myself committing to this even beyond the course of the book.


It ties in with some mindset work I’ve been doing, listening to affirmations about creativity and how creativity is the life force of the universe.


Both these things and a favorite quote of mine inspired me to
write this blog this week, ‘



…Speaking of creative…


Who wants a debut album???


On the 17th of June I’m going to be announcing the pre-order and release date for the debut album – WHOOP!!! 


It’s been a while in the making, well, it’s taken as long as it’s needed to, for either creative reasons or budget, I just like to vibrate my energy as much as poss, I’m like a dog on a lead just dying to get to that park and sniff everything! 


But it is finally upon us and I’m so excited to be able to hand it over to you so you can enjoy it!


It’s funny coz with Pearls music video now out, I feel free to get on with creating a video for another track now, so next month we’ll be releasing the ‘lead’ single off of the debut album.


Huge shout out to Mr Paul Tipler (Unit 13 Studios) it has been such a pleasure to work with him on this and he’s helped and supported me massively in this journey!


Exciting times!



(Launch Party will also be announced asap!)

Thanks always for your support!



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