Hey Arron!

I hope life is good with you. I’m just dropping in with my monthly update on all things Sans


Yowzers!!! ️ What a pleasure it has been to release this song out into the big bad world! Thank you for streaming and downloading and specifically for sharing and supporting me so far…

This weekend has been all about prepping the music video for ‘Pearls’, we have been trying to hone a concept that can be a performance video as well as hold a message, which is always quite tricky when you just shoot it in your own living room!

Polina and me are planning on filming it tomorrow and I hope that we can share some ‘making of footage’ on socials during the day. I know the world is football loopy with the ‘Euro 2020s’ right now, so hopefully it will break through the soccer algorithm and land on your feed!


So, I feel I need to apologise, this Newsletter is later than planned, it is always my intention to mailout on the first of every month but sometimes that might not be possible. My excuse this time around is that I’ve been feeling a bit, ‘under the weather’ as they say, nothing serious, just too much stress going on for me right now, my day job has been manic and although we’ve all gotta pay the bills, I’ll be honest, I could do without the stress from that BS right now, I’ve been suffering with a mean toothache! 😫 Due to the current situation, the earliest I can get seen by the Dentist is August!?! Say whaaaat!? 

What can I say, don’t do drugs!
Erm, wait, sorry, I mean don’t do sugar!?!

So basically, I need a holiday of sorts!

It is about time I took a little break, I’m often pushing myself too hard and without stopping, so this week me & Polina are going to go to Salisbury and then Bournemouth for a few days.

It will be great to get away from ‘The Smoke’ and spend some time by the sea-side. We’ll be keeping ourselves to ourselves and just enjoy some sand, sea and hopefully a little sun.

I spent a few years studying in Bournemouth and it’s actually the place where my love for songwriting was born so it will be great to go visit the place again after a few years away.


One of the hardest things for a creative is when their Creative drive takes a nose dive! Usually I find that this kind of thing doesn’t last for long, but it’s quite painful when you have something you’re desperate to work on or finish and yet you don’t have that spark of an idea for it.

I’ve been playing a new track and jamming over it for a couple of weeks now, usually the song comes to me quite quickly but this one seems to be caught up in the ‘message’ in the lyric. I’m wanting it to say something powerful and so perhaps that’s the issue, forcing something to manifest, especially if it isn’t naturally inclined can create a wall of energy that you can’t break.

I guess with the music I’m making and the performance I’m giving, I want it to have meaning and hope that that will bring value to it. I don’t just wanna write, ‘ooh yeah baby!’ type songs. But perhaps that’s what this song actually needs to be… Something a little trashy or mindless. Like me going on a holiday!

It’s called, ‘Alive’ and I really want it to be about how fighting for something, like your own freedom, not being trapped in a box or slowed down by a virus lets say, is the way to feel truly alive! So obviously it’s quite biographical for us all right now! I just want it to be uptempo and fun without it being too much of a cliche.


A very good friend of mine, Dan Lovelace began a journey of his own this past month, he launched the first event of his local community social BLACK BOX PRESENTS. Now I say ‘local’, he is based in Buckinghamshire and part of a small market village, just inviting some friendly locals and good friends to hang out in his back yard whilst everyone soaks up the talents of some quality performers. At some point the plan is to live stream the atmosphere and perform via live stream to the rest of the world. Conceived during the last UK lockdown, it is a wonderful way for Dan to bring back a social vibe to his neighbourhood whilst also offering a ‘Sofar Sounds’ type community to the rest of us.

The debut saw, GENTRY masterfully engage the whooping crowd by performing a stripped down set on a mini synth and a drum pad. Check him out!

What a wonderful way to start opening up the world after such a long time feeling stuck in the mud!

Anyhoo! That’s a little bit about what’s been going on with me and what’s coming up. Hope you are staying safe and well?


P.S. As always, you can help support the project by grabbing a copy of my new EP here.

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