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Holy-moly! Where on earth has this last year gone??

Holy-moly! Where on earth has this last year gone??

Hey there!

Just wanted to drop you an email and wish you an absolutely stunning 2022! 🥳

For many, 2021 was a truly difficult year. I feel for all those who struggled – if you did then please know, you’re not alone, I am here if you ever need to chat!

At this time of year I’m often reflecting and assessing, it influences my mood a lot, which can be pretty self critical, especially when working out the personal realignment I need to take on ready for the year ahead!

But this year, I’ve managed to calm that inner voice a fair bit and actually enjoy the holiday. I’m not making any resolutions I can’t keep, I’m just looking at taking on the challenges I’ve set-one step at a time ✨

I’m well rested and feel in a good place to get the debut album finished so that the release date can be announced soon!

I hope you have also been able to relax and rest up as well as have fun and see any friends and loved ones you needed to see?

All things considered it has been another fun year of creativity, fun times and PINK HAIR!?! So much music released this year. Eternally grateful to Belenchuk! To Will & Maria for their support through the Label 😍 Amazed to have grown so much myself. Pleased to have been able to have more sessions with Tipler and edging ever closer to that 1st album launch! 🤩

Just for fun I collated a bunch of my favourite pics from 2021, a time capsule, less than a minute of all that’s gone on! 

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Looking back, I’m amazed at how much was squeezed in (literally!) plenty of celebrating with good friends and family, from witnesses at a wedding to births of new family members, some turning 18 🥳 me turning 40 😬!

Attending live music shows, garden parties and fancy dress forever! Seeing my love bowl a strike on her birthday in Moscow was pretty special too 🏆

Thank YOU so much for all your support, I’m really grateful and wish your 2022 to be fantastic!

I promise that 2022 is going to bring you much more from me. So please keep tagging along!

Much love and light to you!


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