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If I had to pick just one thing I love about Belenchuk, I’d have to say her naturally playful energy… I can’t remember ever just allowing myself to flow and have fun without self judgement, even in music, there is always that inner voice, but she always seems to handle this with such ease and grace. Creating a wonderful space or atmosphere to let yourself go… This season it was ‘An apple a day let-the Elves come out to play!’.
We ventured out to see some inspirational independent art by Meg Wylie & Paloma Grimm in Peckenham, having tied themselves together they literally wrestled each other to put paint on the canvas! Then headed East to see some live music, ‘Flora’s Bar & Grill’ were exceptionally stand out, not only with their live show, but also dressed as the spice girls, good blackmail fodder for the 4/5 guys in the band!

As the Elves travelled far and wide and I think because Polina did such a great job on our make-up we got some interesting looks on the tube, I was surprised not to see more fancy dressers out and about, but at least we represented the eccentrics and the creatives in style! 🎃



I’m turning 40 in a little over a Month… That’s scary to me… but equally exciting!
Having a birthday towards the end of the year and during winter also forces me to look back harder and think about everything over the year in preparation for the year ahead.

I was once told about a motivational technique that was advised to kick start a lack of drive or boost a lust for life… 
‘How many days do you have left to live until you’re 80 years old?’
This is the number of days(time) I hopefully have left awake on this planet. (That’s having removed the 122 days we spend asleep each year!)

When I think about time, I feel like I’m starring out into an abyss, but to focus on this principle now and again really helps me refocus on myself, it is pretty scary, especially if you think how easy it would be to spend if it were a currency!

It’s pretty harsh, I know and may not be to everyone’s taste, but I want to share it with you, I don’t know why exactly, only that I’ve been on this journey for a while now and I think sharing these things can help inspire people to achieve their most authentic self… 

I’ve spent a lot of time just letting life happen to me, but the reality is this, ‘LIFE COMES FROM YOU’ We make things happen!

Do not let death put you off from living.

Do not allow fear to keep you from becoming your most authentic self!

Life has a funny way of moulding us and the only thing that can reshape the mould is the self.




It was amazing to spend more time with Tipler the other week, we’ve certainly got a couple of new catchy songs to put towards the debut album, however we still haven’t got a date for the release! 🎶🎵

I’m really keen to put in more sessions now to get it over the finish line and work out the running order as well as work on some more of the videos to accompany the promotion of it.
Sometimes it feels like I’m not dedicating enough time to really make a proper go of this, but needs must and right now it makes the most sense to just get it finished and then worry about the next step.

I know I’m behind on videos (PEARLS anyone??) but I know that once the album is ready I’ll be able to give you more of my time for content.

Thank you for being patient with me, for sticking by me and being dedicated to the progress being made behind the scenes. 😍



THANK YOU SO MUCH for listening to this track and for appreciating the efforts made on this DIY number. I’ve had some really nice personal messages about it and I’m just so grateful that you’re here to experience what I’m creating…
You can stream it on Spotify here & get your own copy here.
The next track I’m going to release is called ‘ALIVE’ and it really is a simple tune that just says it how it is… I find the more I test myself and squeeze my focus into these limited time frames, I’m making harder decisions and not procrastinating as much, which is so crucial to actually growing, it’s that fountainhead thing, where you can just send out these ideas and move on to the next, honing and growing yourself and that creative muscle at the same time! 🤓
I think as long as I keep pushing myself then I’m going to really channel something great. Or at least that’s what I hope will happen!
As you know, I really like to hear any thoughts, opinions or advice you may feel like sharing with me, so if you’ve got anything for me, just ping me an email!
Wishing you a super November!


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