To say I’m excited for this month is an understatement!


THIS SATURDAY – a really good friend of mine is having his 40th Birthday bash and he’s hosting it at The Hawley Arms, an infamous watering hole here in London, Camden.


To celebrate he’s putting on an All-Day Music Festival and yours truly is going to be playing (14:30) and I cannot wait! (YEAH! You’re invited!)


For two reasons, firstly, this is my first gig of 2023, crazy that it’s already FEB and I’ve not played yet, this year is going to be my year of pushing the live performance. 


Secondly, I’m super excited to be playing 2 of my new tracks, demos/backing tracks all prepped and ready to rock!


And yes, I mean ROCK! These new tunes are really coming together…



I should have all the demos completed by the end of the month and then the plan is to have the productions sorted by the end of March.


I am in discussion with a couple of musicians to see if they want to join me on stage as I really feel that these songs would benefit from some live drums and bass and a bit of band interaction.


This album in the making has got a lot energy to it, catchy tracks and punky attitude… Is punky a real word?? Who cares!


I’m pissed off with so much going on in the world right now, was recently at a protest to keep UK Gov from passing a bill on striking. Love it or hate it, people’s lively hoods are at risk and the capital power is never afraid to strike in their own way by denying people pay-rises, cutting funding or reducing service, so the working people deserve to have their say too.


It’s a misconception to think that a train driver who earns X amount is striking in order to earn more… This isn’t always the case, they could be striking in order to show solidarity for the other rail workers not getting what they deserve, or worse, the fair minimum!


As you can tell, I’m prepared to rant about this stuff… 


But I won’t, least of all is because I don’t know everything there is to fully argue/defend this belief, but most of all because I’m expressing it through my work… Music!


Please keep an eye out on socials for the increase in gigs and planned events etc – As I’ve mentioned, I intend to be busier this year with many more gigs, it’s also my intention to venture outside of London so if YOU have somewhere you’d really like to see me play then get in touch and I’ll get something arranged asap.


Having released my debut last year it seems a bit hasty writing, recording and releasing a new album already, but time is a beast… It flies by!

It also keeps the world turning and right now I’m enegised by these new songs and what I perceive their relevance to be right now, in this current climate! 


I’ve even decided to put any further videos (ie, ‘Bloodstreams’) on hold for now. The crucial thing is that I use this momentum I’m feeling right now. Print on Demand is always gonna be there, so we can pick up where we left off at some point in the future.


Gigging is something I’ve not focused on for a few years and I really think it is time I started to push myself in that field.


I love writing and recording but I also want to reach out to people and physically express these tunes, so gigging makes a lot of sense for the mood of the album.


I’ll have more updates for you next month with regards to release dates, but I expect things to amp up pretty quickly and I want you to be the first to hear about things.

Sans Home Rehearsal Space 2023

Thank you!

Cheers for all the support, for sharing the album, streaming the tunes on Spotify or iTunes or hell even Deezer, whatever you’re into, thank you! 



Grab your copy of the debut album, ‘PRINT ON DEMAND’ – RIGHT HERE!

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