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It’s go Tiger time! 2022 the year for action & Adventure!

It’s go Tiger time! 2022 the year for action & Adventure!

Hey there!


How are you?? I really hope that you are okay and have been enjoying this new year we call 2022. Year of the tiger right? Well I do hope that you’re feeling as powerful as one!


I don’t know if you can tell, but for me, I’m excited by 2022, so much happening already, it is going to be an interesting year that’s for certain! 

Since the start of the new year I have been visiting Pirate studios rehearsal space, it was my intention to spend the next few months really focusing on the set so that I can be ready to start gigging.


Time waits for no-one! 🌚🌝


Last Wednesday I received a message asking if I wanted to fill a slot where someone had dropped out. 


A month ago I think I would have made excuses and backed away from the offer. But as well as rehearsing the set of songs, I’ve also been working on my ‘mind set’. 


Small affirmation/meditation sessions each day to help focus in the moment so that when I do play live I’m neither distracted by the nerves nor lost in the excitement. 


So I decided to say YES and just go for it! And I’ve got to say, I’m SO glad I did!


I have thrown together some clips from the set which you can watch here:

I wonder if you can guess who filmed it for us? 😆

Not only was it a cracking night, catching up with old friends but of course, it has spurred me on to get more gigs booked! It was such a great feeling getting back to live music, really do hope this is the pandemic in it’s place now 🤞

The Hope & Anchor is somewhere I’ve played before, it’s a cozy size and the sound system is good. I think it would be an excellent venue for an album launch party 🥳

Speaking of which… I have spent a couple of sessions with Mr Paul Tipler already this month finishing off the recording sessions for the debut album, must say, I’m seriously psyched about the final LP!

All this work, writing & producing, all of Belenchuk’s artwork too, it’s all very exciting! 🥳 and I’m Incredibly proud! 😍

The next session with Tipler is this Friday and it is to finalise the mix and master copy of the album. I really cannot wait to get this out to you!

Currently we are sitting on the release date, so I won’t announce it just yet, we want to make sure that the record is exciting and entertaining from start to finish, so this final session will make damn sure of that!


I’ll be sure to announce it real soon!


February is going to be packed with prep for the launch, video making, content creating.


I really hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am?


Speak very soon – wish us luck for Friday’s final studio session 🤓


It’s the year for action & adventure 🐅


Thanks always for your support!




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