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Everything new this month 💜

Everything new this month 💜

Happy Friday!

How has your month been? Been up to much? Or have you been gearing up for a fun

festive time?

For me, I’ve been pretty hectic, working hard to pay the bills but also doing as much as I can music wise, getting ready for – drum roll please – Next year’s debut album! 🥳

Honestly, I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait! 

The next couple of months is going to be busy-busy! We want to get videos sorted and some tasty promo bits ready for you to enjoy, so with that as my priority I want to let you know now that I won’t be releasing any DIY singles. Zero was the last one for the time being.

I’m SO excited to put these songs out as an album, it’s been a fun journey creating and learning with Tipler, I think we’ve put together a great bunch of tunes that express the emotive journey so far, filled with love, life & death, fears and hopes.

To be continued…



OH EM GEE! This is mental!

I’m turning 40 this weekend! 

I’m proper-proper adult now and I have no idea how this happened… I still feel as though I’m in my twenties. Mentally at least, physically I definitely need a talk with myself 😆

Me and Belenchuk have decided to celebrate in style since it’s a milestone of a birthday, so today we are off to York, my birthplace and where I spent a lot of summer holidays growing up!



What can I say, other than a constant thank you!!! It’s so easy to feel less than zero when you’re a creative at my level, spending so much time and energy on things it’s easy to compare or develop certain expectations, but I just want you to know that the fact that I’ve been releasing new music every month and you’ve been listening means so much. 💜

As a personal challenge it’s been great too, I feel as though I’m honing something in my writing and my skills and I’m already looking forward to working on the second album!

If you have any favourites, please let me know, so I can be sure to put them forward for the second album when it’s time!

Of course, have got to give Belenchuk a huge shout out too, for all of the fabulous artwork she’s been creating! 🙌

Happy Holidays!

Every year I have that new resolutions feeling. I don’t actually recall ever sticking 100% to a resolution! What about you? 

I think that no matter what you believe in or regardless of your social stance, the end of a year is always some kind of holiday, am I right? 

In our house is going to be a quiet affair again, it’s our 2nd one living together, so we’ve decided to go to the pub for our lunch! Let someone else earn & cook, whilst also saving all the waste and saving us the hassle of having to cook and clean!

Then 1 week later we will celebrate the Russian new year! Then we will be the ones cooking and at midnight we’ll be wishing in the new year and clinking glasses to wish the world and ourselves a positive and prosperous 2022. 

Did you know 2022 is the year of the Tiger? 

Grrr! 😻

I want to take this opportunity to wish you all an amazing new year! Thanks again for all the support and contact over the past year, I really hope I can keep on creating for you, as always, if there’s ever any feedback you want to give me, I’m all ears.

Much love and well wishes,

Sans & Belenchuk!

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