Squeeze the Lemon

That’s right, when the world gives you lemons – make Lemonade, even if you don’t like lemonade or hate the smell of lemons or their

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Money is God

Money can buy you anything… Even love! It can also buy-out someone else’s human rights! Do you believe a human should have rights? All the

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Designed by iqbal.7st

Are you hungry?

Are you hungry? Do you feast upon ‘the Human condition’…? Shakespeare wrote, “All the worlds a stage!”  Eyes turn to Hollywood… Is it a crumbling

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Peter Gabriel - Melt - Album Artwork by Storm Thorgerson

Back to School…

With this entry I’m flagging a Favourite Album and inspiration… ‘Melt’ no, wait, ‘So’… oh damn, I can’t decide!   so I guess it’ll have

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Arron Sans - Pink Flower artwork by BELENCHUK

…Mr Wolf

What do you think of when you think of a clock ticking, sunsets and sunrise, that Sunday evening feeling when you know you’ve got work

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