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Peter Gabriel - Melt - Album Artwork by Storm Thorgerson

With this entry I’m flagging a Favourite Album and inspiration… ‘Melt’ no, wait, ‘So’… oh damn, I can’t decide!


so I guess it’ll have to be both:

I have always been in total awe of Peter Gabriel, his sound has always been so experimental for pop music, every song he has created has an excitement to it which is alive not only with the instrumets and arrangements but also in his lyric and message.


His music paints pictures and his performance has a theatrical quality to it which I can relate to, although I know he is in a totally different league…

‘So’ and ‘Melt’ the 5th and 3rd studio albums by Peter Gabriel

Not only an ambassador for world music but also a voice for human rights around the world, he is a person who I truly admire.⠀


What is funny is that it was my dad who introduced me to his music at first with Genesis, (sorry prog-rockers, but that just didn’t do it for me.)⠀


This is funny to me because my dad was a teacher and I see listening to Peter Gabriel records as an advanced education in music!


I feel like I’m always learning something whenever I listen to his music, all the while being totally absorbed by the worlds he creates within it (so it’s not a chore!)


His songs also teach us about the world, songs like ‘Biko’, ‘Mother of Violence’ (although not on either of the albums I am listing as favourites!) and ‘Games Without Frontiers’ are all charged with socially political statements that if absorbed & understood it can open our minds up to the state of the world and current affairs!


But even on a base level, a song like Sledgehammer is a lesson in the perfect pop song. The music video could even be an entire degree in one art project!!! It was MTV’s number one for most played music video of all time, since MTV doesn’t really do music anymore I guess it must still hold that record!


…Speaking of art, I find it fascinating what we are drawn to, the artwork for ‘Melt’ is designed by Storm Thorgerson, who if you read the last blog post is responsible for the ‘Pink Floyd’ cover I mentioned… AND… the artwork for ‘So’ (below) is from designer Peter Saville, who did that famous Joy Division pattern – which was inspiration for the Lioness t-shirt! I just find it magic how everything can be interwoven like that coincidentally! …

If there was ever a tutor I would give an apple to everyday it would be this guy!

I have found so much inspiration in his rhythms and love his big brass elements. Although they don’t quite translate to the records I’ve made so far – I definitely hope I can develop a finesse that is artistically comparable. Especially with the likes of ‘Intruder’ where his effected voice and use of sound literally makes me shudder, the imagination really pictures a stranger creeping up the stairs while you sleep!!!


The song, ‘Mercy Street’ from ‘So’ brought me to tears when I first heard it, I think this song has been very influential in some of my ballad esq tracks not only in mood but also in my ideas for production.


I think I’ve mentioned it before, I would love to blend some kind of mix between Peter Gabriel and Trent Reznor…


I just thought, that feels like some kind of Everest to me right now, but hey, I’m all about challenging myself!!!


Have you heard Peter Gabriel? What do you like/dislike? Please free to share your thoughts with me!



Arron x

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