‘B4 Я DYE’ – EP

Demo tracks are now online, raw and emotive, short & simple, I just wanted to get some of the tracks I’d written this year down on ‘tape’ somehow, time is fleeting so…

For years I’ve been the frontman and a songwriter in bands, so many tunes come and go and so few have been committed to a record. I’m much older now and I hope, a little wiser, so there’s no time like the present to be putting everything I can out there for you to hear! Some say EP stands for ego project, I’m all for that, sorry not sorry!

“As an artist, songwriter, musician whatever you want to call it, there’s a pressure, to be of a certain quality or standard, there’s a desire to meet specific requirements or levels to success. But I think that’s a distraction. As far as I’m concerned, you’re ‘making it in music’ as long as you’re actually making music!”

I’m filled with ambition and desire to create certain projects, I tend to write a song a week, but they don’t all ‘make the grade‘, so I’m committing to changing that and release something regularly, whether it’s an official single recorded with Paul Tipler or a demo or even my attempts at home production, it all counts towards the story and the journey so I hope you’ll forgive any fumbles I make along the way.

...As I evolve I want you to come with me for the ride...

I was concerned that if I didn’t put a track out then I never would, the first demo I ever recorded was a song called, ‘Shot Down My Angel’ written with a band I was in called, ‘The Adored’, that was back in 2002 and it ever truly got out there. It was a cool tune but things move one and like I said, time is fleeting, so I’m not trying to strive for perfection straight away, I’m more about capturing the spirit of the moment.


B4 Я DYE is my title for my first album, whenever that may be, it’s about me fearing my own mortality having never laid my own foundation. It’s about the fact that I’ve been in four bands previously, all of which have failed to truly commit and it’s about the fact that I know, as I continue down this journey, I am going to grow and adapt and ultimately change my sound, my shape and my colour. The ‘Я’ is Russian for ‘me‘ and since meeting Polina she’s always been so encouraging and inspiring to give me the courage to grow myself. So there’s a ‘Born-Live-Die’ philosophy behind it, in life we’ve all gotta do what we love, I’m waffling now, sorry, it’s simply about putting a flag in the sand as my own, hopefully it’s the first of many…


…to be continued!


Arron Sans

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