Here we are again folks!


Welcoming in a new month, I don’t know about you but time is flying by here in the Belenchuk-Sans camp.


It’s been a busy one and I think it might only get busier, which isn’t so bad when you’re doing what you love – right!? 😵


That’s right, I’m doing another gig for the London Music Showcase promotions co, it’s at the Hope & Anchor again with my good friends LEONTAS and it’s gonna be a great night! 🥳


There are still tickets available – Get Yours Here!

I know, it’s more consistent within the industry to have a gig on the day/week of the album release, but to be completely honest with you, things have been very tight budget wise so I didn’t book a venue as I had intended too.


Full of excuses I know – sorry – but it’s also been hella busy lately with one thing or another, so I didn’t manage to arrange something specific with another promoter – however, there’s still time for me to throw some kind of celebration together for it last minute.


Keep an eye on your email and socials for a last min announcement!


But hopefully still see you on the 05 AUG – THIS FRIDAY!

We Remember...


Thank you for those who have sent their well wishes to my darling Polina and condolences to our dear family. For those who don’t know, she lost her grandfather last month and we lost a very kind soul in the family.


I’ll keep this short, but Polina took some time out from creating as did I to spend some time being peaceful in remembrance.

Walk Like Freddie...

In the great words of the late Freddie Mercury, the show must go on. Polina’s relative wouldn’t want her to be mourning forever, he really respected who she is and admired how creative she is.


I know we can all agree she certainly is and with that, she has done an incredible job on the ALIVE – Music Video!


Please join me in thanking her for this, it’s so amazing to have this track out there and her video just elevates it even further. I’m SO grateful! 💜

I've you've not yet seen the music video - CLICK THE ABOVE and check it out!

Who's got what they wanted?

Honestly, this is still a bit of a shock to me to be able to say this… But in less that 20 days, the debut album is going to be out!!!!🤯



Who’s pre-ordered their copy already? Coz I’m very pleased to say, they’ve been dispatched… IF you’ve not got it yet, then there might still be time, just, to grab a copy and hear it first before anyone else!


There’s something surreal saying that. I see it as a huge milestone for me. I’m already beginning to piece together Album No.2 so I really feel a buzz around my creative drive right now, it’s a wave I’ve got to keep riding.



To try and keep my finger on the performance button too, I even visited a local Open Mic night in Stoke Newington last week. I’m quite keen to play a few more now. Even though I prefer the electric and the full sound vibe, the acoustic guitar is such a rich and beautiful experience, I’d like to develope my playing more and it’s such a good atmosphere at these events.

Thank you!

Right now I don’t have much else to give you, so enjoy this pic of Paul Ketley, Paul Tipler, me and Belenchuk at the ghost house themed, ‘Werewolf Brewery’ in Camden. 🐺


It’s the small things in life that can bring us so much joy, hanging with this bunch does just that for me. So when YOU specifically reach out or make gestures of encouragement and continued support that is next level special.


I’m truly grateful for your interacting with me on socials, buying the album, streaming the tunes on Spotify, thank you!




There’s still time to pre-order and pre-save the Album – RIGHT HERE!

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