Hey Arron,

Can’t believe it is August already!!! 

How has this summer been treating you so far?


Last Month saw me and Polina venture to Dorset, we popped in to say hello to Salisbury and then ventured to Bournemouth, it wasn’t all about that sun, sea and sand vibe though, we were keen to catch some good friends along the way, (Don’t worry, we still kept our distance and behaved responsibly!) What a relief after 18 months of pandemic.


I just want to say a massive thank you for getting behind the EP, supporting me in any way you can really does mean the world to me!

You can stream it here and get a copy for yourself at Love Anarchy Records.

I feel lucky to be able to create and release music and the fact that you’re listening makes it truly worthwhile!

I’m that cheeky little mouse, grinning like a loon just because you dig what I do!


🌚This photo courtesy of Paul Tipler🌝

Last week was a very productive week, a couple of new tracks written, a demo done and two productions now mixed…

Paul and I were in the studio again and putting the pieces of the debut album together.
I have to say, it is incredibly exciting to go over these things with Paul, he really understands so much about the industry as well as the art form. I felt so inspired by our work that I went straight home and started penning more ideas.


So, as part of the Love Anarchy family tradition, it is my turn to release a new song on 20 AUG 2021… 

So I am currently locked into the zone and developing one of those new tunes I wrote last week for you. I don’t want to give up on my own development, I also think it would be a shame to give you all of the album tracks before it’s ready, so I’m hard at work right now getting a DIY recording together for you to enjoy come release day!

…We popped out for lunch and ended up sharing some of it with a sweet little buddy…

But I must dash now as I’ve got my work cut out for me!!!
Wish me luck!


P.S. Pearls video is STILL under edit, like I said, I’ve been pretty darn busy, but don’t worry, it’s not forgotten about I swear!

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