For the song theme this month I was thinking a lot about love…

b&w mystery cover artwork - BELENCHUK

I feel fortunate enough to have experienced love, our perception of it differs from person to person and can be beautiful as well as tragic, so because of this, it remains a mystery as to why people love, fall in love and of course, fall out of love with each other.


The main thoughts I had surrounded the idea that some people need the desire for love so much that the hurt themselves by trying too hard, it keeps them hanging onto someone in the hope that they will remain or continue to love in return. Which can suffocate and ultimately push the one they want away!


There are so many of us in this world that I believe there is always someone out there that is a match with another. With 7 Billion people and counting, it seems improbable not to be this way! There should never be an odd one out, so I think there is truth in the saying, “If you love something, let it go and if it is meant to be, it will come back to you” – I think that is the saying! Haha!


That’s my message, don’t try to understand it, let it be free, let the one you love be free and let love be free to avoid any suffering for them or for yourself!


Of course, it’s wrapped up in lyrical musings like I usually do, but hopefully it comes across!


I’ll post the track on the 20th Sep 2020

So be sure to check back for that!



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