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All I need is your love…

All I need is your love…


Don’t worry, it’s here!!! The remedy to the struggle… New single out now:
How are you? How have you been? 
It is FRIDAY and RELEASE DAY! Whoop-whoop! 🥳
And I’ll be honest, I’m happily surprised by this one, as you know, I was toying with a few ideas while Polina was away, perhaps I had too much to choose from so got scared to commit to something(who knows?) but I decided to start on something random and then ran with it…
That’s what you can hear RIGHT NOW!
I think it’s quite an obvious lyric, as you know I was missing Belenchuk while she’s been away for two weeks and the thought of being able to visit her in Russia for her birthday was keeping me going each day!💜


I’m super proud of it as a DIY track, so I hope you stream it silly and of course, you can also grab yourself a copy HERE via Love Anarchy Records.

But aside from the obvious personal message, there is a deeper conscious touch to the song, with so many news stories troubling us all right now – I want the song to be a positive one, a homage to the love I feel for the woman in my life who has shown me so much support.


I’m so grateful for all of that support. Especially from you, from the label, the universe for letting people play and share my songs. It means a lot! 🌎🌍🌏


If you haven’t heard it yet… YOUR LOVE IS A REMEDY …enjoy!

P.S. today I’m in the studio with Tipler working on the final few songs for the debut album! 😍 wish us luck! 🥰
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