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Today’s the day!



A new release and we kick start the build up to the album release too.


I am so grateful for all of your support and this new song, ALIVE is such fun song to play, to me it’s direct and what I want to do with it is inspire hope in people, life can be tough on us all. That’s proven over the last few years and times don’t look like they’re getting any easier any time soon.

Thank you Belenchuk for the artwork x

So many people suffer world wide and as an artist it seems so important to try to spread a positivity and hope. I also admire those artists who try to evoke anger within in us, because sometimes that is needed, not violence, but anger, because anger is our bodies way of telling us we need to act on something.

I’m angry. There’s so much money and those with it have a lot of power and yet they do what they can to just make more money at our expense. They could improve so many situations world wide. Right now as well as make amends with reparations for errors in the past, they could even do right by all of humanity and invest properly into our future by funding much needed change in the now. I’m certain some of them will believe that they are doing these things. But I don’t see it being true or just.

Me playing a 'London Music Showcase' gig last night

Maybe this will never change – but while there’s more of us than there is of them, there’s still hope. Keep that hope, let your anger fuel the changes that you want to make, and allow yourself to feel alive!


Sounds corny I know, but honestly, download or stream the new tune, turn up the volume and sing or shout along to it. I promise you – it will make you feel good.


Thank you in advance for singing along and apologies to your neighbours 



Don’t forget, the album is out next month!


You can still grab your pre-order copy HERE


Or pre-save it HERE!

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