It was a last minute decision, but we decided, ‘PRINT ON DEMAND’ deserved a ‘welcome into the world’ event. 😄


The debut album, ‘Print on Demand’ is very much Belenchuk’s fault as it is my own. As a constant inspiration to me, half of the songs are connected with her in some way. So it seemed only fair to have her join me on stage doing what she loves, live, improvised painting!


For cheaper, advanced ticketsCLICK THIS LINK HERE.

Or it is a couple quid more on the door.

You can also show your love on the Facebook Event CLICK HERE.



As Ryan said, “Two Scotts are better than one!”


We couldn’t agree more!


What’s special about these two, aside from their wonderful musical talents in performance and songwriting is that they are both connected to myself an Belenchuk in our story.


We saw Rory play a show at The Hope & Anchor the first night Belenchuk and I swapped numbers and arranged a date. (So now you can understand why the H&A holds a special place in my heart too.)


Ryan was pushing live gigs during lockdown, not only to help keep live music and entertainment thriving during difficult times, but also to help raise money for various charities. With ‘Music for Good Causes’ Ryan gave us our first opportunity to live stream a ‘paint and strum’ gig, which we now take to the live stage for the first time ever on the 18th AUG LAUNCH PARTY

Album CD
Have you got a copy of the album yet? Why-not-Bring it along for us to sign!


I know we could have postponed the event, perhaps built up a bit more hype and definitely given you more warning, for any rush or FOMO on your part, I apologise.


When I was thinking about planning a launch party, I was getting carried away with my imagination as I so often do, I was expecting to hire a venue and session musicians to come be a full band for me, rehearse them and organise merch etc, etc, but the budget not only financial but also time wise just isn’t there right now.


Then THE POST BAR came up as a great option. It’s easy to get to, there is a full bar, serves food and snacks, they’re a lovely bunch of people and we can also paint there!


Myself and Polina can be very introverted sometimes and with that in mind we just wanted to rip off the band-aid and get on with it.


Having a whole two months or more to build up to only adds extra pressure that we don’t need right now. It’s been a stressful 6 months for us, so we wanted to be more low key.


For us it’s about the journey not the end result, there will be more albums, there will be more parties, there will certainly be more gigs and creativity to come!

Have you seen ALIVE music video yet?- CLICK THE ABOVE and check it out!

Thank you for all of your support!


Arron & Polina.


A+P Thank you 2021

There’s still time to pre-save the Album – RIGHT HERE!

And of course, to get your hands on a copy of it – CLICK HERE!

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