A Billion Dollar Question…

When the super rich run the world and all the systems, who is going to be able to tax them efficiently? 


Coz I’m pretty sure they’re going to keep on taxing us right?


When main media is controlled by billionaires and the agenda of the media is that of the richest owners, won’t that mean the end for true unbias journalism?

When political parties are funded by billionaires and therefor run on the needs and goals of those rich supporters, rather than on the needs of everyday people, doesn’t that mean democrazy is dead?

When politicians have family ties to money and infrastructure else where in the world, doesn’t that mean international politics is rigged with a bias that suits those ties?

When governments allow big companies and commercialism to exploit and harvest, not only the planet and its resources but also people’s data, making it as valuable as gold, doesn’t that mean that we are now the product?

Apparently, there is a way for us to hinder billionaires and governments from controlling us, keep them from using us as their currency and stop them from exploiting us at every opportunity, it’s called ‘decentralisation‘.

This is the true power of crypto, NFT’s and the metaverse. It should yield fairness, transparency and a true democratic future for all.

But of course, it relies on those with the most power and resources to remain unbias, humble and to operate with restraint. 

There are already 19 x ‘crypto billionaires’ established in the crypto world. For things to run smoothly, surely those investors need to agree with principles clearly stipulated and follow a mandate that ensures the continuance of this next social stage as a positive miracle?

I wonder what happens when more crypto moguls mine their way to the top and then a few decide that things aren’t going how they’d like things to? Who monitors who?

Surely we don’t want the ‘control’ and monitoring of such a system to be in the hands of the governments nor in the hands of any of the current billionaires, some of whom have agenda’s on the verge of being the next 007 movie plot!

We are standing on the edge of change, after the last few years and the current chaos still present in the world, there is the possibility of so much opportunity and positive development to help everyone in the world. It seems to me that this is a cross roads, a moment where the human race can continue along this path, worshipping money and reveling in greed at the expense of one another and resulting in self destruction. Or can find a unity and an understanding, not just world wide, but also within our communities, so no one has to starve or fight to survive and we respect our habitat as something worth nurturing and reinvesting in.


Is it possible to establish a utopian moral code between us all that’s righteous and fair?


Or is the only way to fall for a sudo-u(dis)topia like ‘the great reset’ that has us all believing we’re being looked after by big brother and it’s all in our best interest?


Personally, I feel that as long as there are people with exuberant amounts of money and wealth over others then their needs will always come before ‘the peoples’.


There are currently 2,668 Billionaires in the world!


Who do you think is calling the shots?



As always, this is just a place for me to vent and blurt.

I’m happy to start conversations and chat about everything, so feel free to drop comments below or ping me an email.




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